What are Some Old Chainsaw Brands?

What are Some Old Chainsaw Brands?

Chainsaws are a common tool for homeowners and professionals alike. They can be used to cut down trees, trim branches, and more. When it comes to chainsaws, there are a lot of different brands on the market. Some are more popular than others.

Benefits of Reputable Brand Chainsaws:

  • They are very efficient at cutting through wood;
  • Chainsaws provide a quick and easy way to cut down trees;
  • They are perfect for outdoor use;
  • Chainsaws can also be used for pruning branches on trees;
  • You can buy electric chainsaws or gas chainsaws;

The three most popular brands of chainsaws are Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo. These brands have been around for many years and have a lot of experience in the industry. They make quality products that are sure to meet your needs. If you are looking for a good chainsaw, then these brands are definitely worth considering.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of these and other most popular old chainsaw brands. If you’re in the market for a new chainsaw, this information may be helpful to you!

Why Chainsaws Were Originally Invented?

Chainsaws have become an essential tool for homeowners, farmers, and forestry workers alike. They are a quick and efficient way to clear away overgrown vegetation or fell large trees.

Chainsaws were created to make tree cutting a lot more convenient. The first chainsaws were hand-cranked and barely able to cut through a log. It became feasible to build electric chainsaws that made the task considerably easier than using only your hands as technology advanced.

Gas used by wood mills across the United States has increased as motorized saws have gotten cheaper.

Why Chainsaws Were Originally Invented?

These saws were originally intended to be auxiliary tools for loggers, but they quickly became popular with building companies because they are very effective at cutting logs and tree branches into useable lengths that may be further processed.

Since then, things have progressed in a significant way; instead of air-powered generators, modern chainsaws employ electric motors (or smaller versions that may be fueled by gasoline).

Additionally, safety features have been added, making it much more difficult for the operator of a chainsaw to hurt himself while operating.

Who Invented the Chainsaw Chain First?

A chainsaw, also known as a saw chain, is a mechanical tool used to cut trees and other wooden materials.

The first chainsaw was patented in the early 1900s by German inventor Andreas Stihl. He called his invention “chisel” after its cutting ability.

In 1926 he patented his device which consisted of two blades joined together at an angle so that when one blade cuts into another piece it creates friction between them causing them to break off or become loose from each other.

This process allowed him to make precise cuts without damaging any part of the wood being worked on. Later models were developed for use with different types of woods including softwood like pine and hardwoods such as oak [1].

The original chainsaw had a diameter of about 11 cm (about four inches) with an overall length of about 70 cm (about 28 inches). Today there are many different types and brands available on the market but all contain similar features such as chain speed, power output, blade size/length, weight distribution, etc. Most modern-day chainsaws use electric-powered motors instead of fuel since it takes less effort to operate them manually.

However, some people still prefer using gasoline because it produces cleaner exhaust fumes when being run at high speeds over long periods of time without having any type of health risks associated with it.

Who Invented the Chainsaw Chain First?

There are many different chainsaw brands on the market today but some of the more popular ones include Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Black and Decker, Ryobi, etc.

Each brand has its own unique features that appeal to different people. Some people might prefer a certain type or size of the blade while others might prefer electric-powered motors over gasoline-powered ones. Whatever the preference may be, there is definitely a chainsaw out there for everyone.

Top Old Chainsaw Brands:

1) Stihl

Stihl was established in Waiblingen, Germany, in 1926. This was also when Stihl created the first two-person electric chainsaw.

Stihl has been associated with innovation, quality, and exceptional service since then nearly a century [2].

Some of the best old Stihl chainsaws were the Stihl 044, the Stihl 08S, and the Stihl 028. Today, some of Stihl’s top chainsaws include the MSA 140 C-DQ and MS 271 Farm Boss. There’s no doubt that Stihl will continue to reign as one of the top old chainsaw manufacturers.

Stihl chainsaws have consistently outstanding evaluations. Customers claim that they are satisfied with the amount of power that Stihl chainsaws possess. They also compliment Stihls’ performance and price tag.

2) Jonsered

Jonsered is a small industrial town in Sweden, and it’s also a top old chainsaw manufacturer. However, it isn’t just a great old chainsaw business. Jonsered continues to rule supreme as one of the best companies offering chain saws and other equipment [3].

Jonsered is dedicated to preserving its legacy and pioneering spirit. Jonsered’s products are all designed to be highly efficient and dependable. Jonsered will only get better because of the influence of environmental care and lightweight engines, as well as ergonomic designs.

The Jonsered 49, 272, and 621 are some of the older favorites. The CS2250, CS2245, and CS16i are today’s top models.


Jonsered chainsaws are praised for their vibration dampening systems, chain brakes, and heated handles. Jonsered chainsaws have a few disadvantages unless you get one that is not designed for your current task.

3) Husqvarna

Husqvarna has been in operation for almost 400 years, since 1689! Huskvarna, located in Southern Sweden, is the company’s first plant.

In 1919, Husqvarna began producing lawnmowers and chainsaws. In 1959, after a few years of development work and marketing initiatives, the product line was expanded to include lawnmowers [4].

Husqvarna is presently developing new 90cc chainsaws that are planned to be released in 2022. These new chainsaws will bring a higher level of productivity into your working day. They’re particularly developed to provide a better cutting experience than previous models.

The Husqvarna 480CD, the Husqvarna 181, and the Husqvarna 268XP are a few of my favorite Husqvarna chainsaws from their earlier generations. The Husqvarna 120i, 550XP Mark II, and 525PT5S are some of today’s success stories.

Husqvarna chainsaws are often referred to as lightweight and powerful. In Husqvarna customer reviews, you’ll come across words such as amazing, fantastic, and excellent. Some even claim that Husqvarna’s chainsaws cleave through wood like butter!

4) PoulanPro

“Since 1946, it’s been a tradition for PoulanPro”. Claude Poulan, a seasoned lumberjack from Louisiana, founded this leading old chainsaw company in the 1940s. By the 1950s, PoulanPro had grown from two-person chainsaws to single-man models [5].

Today, PoulanPro’s primary focus is on providing low-cost lawn care equipment to its clients. This equipment is designed with high performance, longevity, and quality in mind. They’re both strong and inventive, combining yesterday’s know-how with today’s technology.

Many people appreciated the original Old PoulanPro chainsaws. The PoulanPro 5200, the PoulanPro 3700, and the PoulanPro 245a are some of the most notable ones. Today, PoulanPro’s top-selling models include the PP5020AV, PR4218, and PR4016.

The most appealing features of PoulanPro chainsaws include their transparent air filter system, easy pull-start mechanism, and automatic chain oiler. The downsides are minor, such as gas caps that may swell with time.

4) PoulanPro

5) McCulloch

McCulloch Motors Corporation was founded in 1943 and has been one of the most well-known old chainsaw companies ever since. In 1958, the firm shortened its name to McCulloch Corp [6].

The McCulloch SP125C, the McCulloch SP-81, and the McCulloch PM700 are just a few of the top vintage McCulloch chainsaw models.

The CS400T, Li40CS, and CSE2040S are some of today’s top chainsaws.

The McCulloch chainsaw’s smooth start and anti-vibration features make it popular with consumers. McCulloch chainsaws are powerful engines that may be plugged in to charge, which is a plus. However, the limited safety reaction time, as well as the relatively high price, are drawbacks.

6) Homelite

The Home Electric Lighting Company was founded in 1921 as a subsidiary of General Motors. Since its inception, the company has been known by the shorter name Homelite. Homelite is one of the most well-known old chainsaw brands for decades [7].

Homelite has begun to focus on consumer-level lawn and garden tools, as well as light-duty chainsaws. Replacement parts for older saws are readily available as new old stock and salvage components. Homelite’s vast majority of previous chainsaw models are still in use today.

The following are some of the finest old Homelite chainsaw models: the Homelite 650 Super, the Homelite XL12, and the Homelite SXL925.

The UT43122B, UT43103A, and ZR43120 are some of today’s top Homelite chainsaw versions.

Customers adore Homelite chainsaws’ automatic oilers, as well as their wrap-around handle. The three-point vibration isolation is also a popular feature. Some Homelite chainsaw variants aren’t ideal for novices, however.

7) Echo

In 1978, the company that is now known as Echo was founded. For many years, this industry leader has been a pioneer in its field. Echo is committed to innovative technology, high-quality goods, and extensive distribution channels [8].

Echo’s chainsaw models include the Echo Twin, the Echo 550, and the Echo 750. The CS-271T, CS-310, and CS-590 are three of today’s top Echo chainsaw lines.

Echo chainsaws have received high ratings from consumers for being lightweight, sturdy, simple to use, and long-lasting. Oils may leak from these chainsaws while they are in storage, however. Furthermore, make sure the chains are adjusted properly so that they don’t jump away.


8) Solo

The Emmerich brothers invented the first small two-stroke engine in 1948, and Solo began shortly thereafter.

The first engine-driven backpack mist blower was created in 1951. This one is different from other mist blowers because it may be used alone—which is where the firm’s name originates [9].

Solo’s goal is simple: to be the greatest. This top old saw company places a high value on creative thinking, inventive engineering, and high-quality manufacturing processes. Solo has a new objective in 2020 to develop the business in many new ways.

There are a few notable models from this well-known old chainsaw maker. The Solo 611 Twin, the Solo 650, and the Solo 635 are a few of your older favorites. Solo no longer creates chain saws these days. Handheld and backpack sprayers, mist blowers, air blowers, spreaders, and cut-off saws are some of its top products.

Solo generally receives favorable evaluations, although it also has a number of consumer complaints. Some consumers dislike the lack of cushion on the backpack sprayers. Others find it strange that Solo does not cover repairs and replacement items in some situations.

9) Black & Decker

Black & Decker is a long-standing company that has manufactured power tools for more than a century. The Black and Decker Company is one of the world’s largest producers, so when they tell you to do something with care, it’s best to pay attention [10].

The Black and Decker company has been on the market for a long time. They are one of the most well-known chainsaw producers, with high customer satisfaction rates and sturdy power tools that can handle any task you throw at them, whether it’s felling trees or pruning branches from your trees.

The lightweight of their tiny chainsaw makes it ideal for all of our yard chores. You can use it on anything from basic to more challenging tasks, and its lightweight means you may use it even if your strength level is weak.

The BLACK+DECKER 40V Max 20-Inch Cordless Chainsaw is currently the most popular.

10) Remington

Remington Electric Chainsaws have been produced in China. The production procedure of the firm’s chainsaw has not altered much, with Zhejiang Pioneer Machinery & Electron Company and importation from Tempe, Arizona being utilized [11].

In 1954, Remington began as a tool business and released the first chainsaw. It’s used to cut smaller trees and limbs and has various cutting-edge features.


They manufacture both electric and gasoline-powered chainsaws. The speed starts, two-cycle engine, low noise, tank oil level indicator, and ergonomic smooth design make their models more appealing to customers. Their product’s main selling point is its low price and reduced weight.

11) Makita

Makita is a Japanese business that produces a variety of outdoor power equipment and power tools. If you’ve been to The Home Depot lately, you’ve undoubtedly seen one of their power tools on display, with its distinctive water blue color [12].

The company’s history dates back to when it began selling and servicing engines in 1915. Makita started developing electric power tools only in the late 1950s. In 1991, they purchased the German chainsaw maker Dolmar and subsequently united the Dolmar name with their own.

When Mitka purchased the Dolmar brand, they kept their high-quality manufacturing standards. If you buy a red, gas-powered chainsaw with the Makita logo, it’s a sign that it was produced to Dolmar’s exacting standards. A water blue chainsaw is still a well-made machine in its class if it’s an electric or battery chainsaw from Makita.

12) Craftsman

Craftsman was a former brand of Sears that was acquired by Black + Decker in 2017. The firm dates back to 1927 when it began producing farming equipment. Craftsman tools were never manufactured within a Sears factory. To make Craftsman items, Sears would contract with outside toolmakers [13].

Today, Craftsman chainsaws are not made in a Craftsman manufacturing plant. Rather, they are mostly produced by Husqvarna or one of its brands, such as Poulan Pro. Some items are also produced by MTD Products, which is the parent company of well-known brands including Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and Remington.

Chainsaws for the consumer market, such as Craftsman chainsaws, are likewise designed. They make electric, gas, and battery-powered saws.

The Craftsman CMCCS620M1 chainsaw shown below is one of the brand’s most popular battery-powered models.


13) DeWalt

Dewalt is a tool company founded in 1922 by Raymond Dewalt, who developed a circular saw for woodworking known as a radial arm saw. The firm was subsequently sold to Black & Decker in 1960, and it produced the saw until 1989, at which time it was divested. This left Black & Decker with the DeWalt trademark but no longer manufacturing any goods under that name [14].

DeWalt’s success as an established brand came in the early 1990s when it successfully rebranded its professional tool line under the DeWalt name after failing to successfully rebrand it as Black and Decker Professional. Since then, DeWalt has grown into a market leader in the tool industry.

Today, DeWalt is a Stanley Black & Decker subsidiary. While the firm is recognized for its power tools, it also produces a variety of outdoor equipment, including blowers, hedge trimmers, lawnmowers, string trimmers, and chainsaws. DeWalt cordless chainsaws powered by 20V or 60V batteries are available.

  • Zombi;
  • WEN:
  • Blue Max;
  • Oregon;
  • Dolmar;
  • Shindaiwa;
  • MTD;
  • WORX;


1. What is the oldest chainsaw brand?

The oldest gas-powered Stihl chainsaw is called “The Tree-Felling Machine” and was created in 1926 by the German engineer, and founder of the Stihl company, Andreas Stihl.

Even more remarkably, it was also the world’s first gas-powered chainsaw. It was a two-man saw that weighed over 100 pounds [15].

Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo are some of the most popular modern chainsaw brands. Stihl is one of the oldest producers of chainsaws in the world, having been founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl. The company currently produces a wide range of products from lawnmowers to trimmers and blowers.

Meanwhile, Husqvarna was launched two decades after Stihl (in 1947) as a spin-off company that focuses solely on the production of outdoor power tools such as ride-on mowers, robotic lawnmowers, and handheld machines like brush cutters and hedge trimmers.

Lastly, Echo started its operations in 1972 but has since grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise that sells leaf blowers, string trimmers, pole saws, and more.

If you’re looking for an older model chainsaw, some of the most popular brands from the past include McCulloch, Poulan, and Homelite.

McCulloch was founded in 1945 by Robert Paxton McCulloch and is well-known for producing portable power equipment such as chain saws, weed eaters, and leaf blowers.

Poulan was created a year after McCulloch (in 1946) by Bernard Poolman who started off making chainsaws for export to Europe.

And finally, Homelite was established in 1924 by Leland Jameson but didn’t start manufacturing chainsaws until 1947.

3. What brand of chainsaws is orange?

Orange chainsaws by Husqvarna, Echo, Dolmar, and Shindaiwa are just a few examples.

Red chainsaws include Jonsered, Redmax equipment, and Stihl machines.

Both white and orange Stihls exist [16].

4. Are old Homelite chainsaws any good?

Some old Homelite chainsaws are good. The older models, especially those manufactured before the mid-1960s and 1970s, have a reputation for being reliable workhorses that can last for decades without any major issues. However, some of these machines may require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

The popular Homelite 330 chain saw was first produced in 1981. It featured a 54cc engine, a powerhead that weighed 12 lbs.

8 oz (without bar and chain), and an automatic oiler. Self-oiling was popular among users who were used to manually controlling bar oiling chores [17].

There is also the possibility that some parts on your chainsaw will wear out with time and need replacing – such as the chain tensioner or bar oil cap (if it’s made from plastic). This is normal so don’t worry too much if this happens as long as you take care not to damage other components while removing them from their respective slots/holes! You might want to consider buying new ones instead since old parts can be difficult to find.

5. Which chainsaw is easiest to start?

When it comes to chainsaws, one of the most significant differences is how they’re used. Gas-powered electric chainsaws are generally easier to start if they’ve been well maintained. If you have an older model chainsaw, however, it might be a little more difficult to start.

If your chainsaw doesn’t start after the first or second pull, you can try these tips:

  • Check that there’s enough fuel in the tank and that the chain is sharpened properly;
  • Make sure the spark plug is clean and free of debris/gunk;
  • Ensure that the air filter isn’t clogged with dirt or dust;

If all of these things check out and your chainsaw still won’t start, then it might be time to take it in for a tune-up at your local repair shop.

6. What year did loggers start using chainsaws?

In 1954, chainsaw salesmen started visiting logging camps to show off the new equipment. Although loggers had to pay for the tool themselves, it was reasonably inexpensive and typically cost between $200 and $250 when it was first introduced [18].

7. When were chainsaws first used to cut wood?

In 1830, the “osteotome” was invented, which was utilized in medical procedures. In the 1920s, chainsaws for professional forestry work began to be produced by a number of firms [19].

8. Which chainsaw will cut a thick piece of wood faster?

Gas chainsaws cut faster and last longer than electric chainsaws, making them ideal for cutting larger trees and branches or bigger jobs involving numerous trees.

Because they have greater power, the gas chainsaws can drive long 20-inch bars, making them ideal for felling larger trees.

9. Where is Stihl made?

Stihl chainsaws are produced in the United States and China, according to Stihl.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Qingdao, China are home to the firm’s operations. “Made by STIHL” is a brand promise – it doesn’t matter where the product is made [20].

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